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Creative Forming’s Rapid Prototyping Takes Center Stage at Package Design ’07 in Orlando

Packaging Strategies honored Creative Forming’s pioneering achievements in rapid prototyping with an invitation to speak at Package Design ’07 – the industry’s premier conference. Held in Orlando, Florida, this year’s event brought together approximately 160 packaging and design professionals to discuss and share the latest innovations and trends in packaging design concepts.

I attended. While I was in Orlando I also was able to meet up with a former colleague from Australia. She was in Orlando at a property finance and investment forum. Over a long lunch that extended through the afternoon we caught up on what each of us had been doing for the past 8 years. She was still involved in the property investment marketplace, her garden, and various humanitarian causes, along with enjoying her extended family. I was surprised, but she was very interested in what I was doing with Creative Forming’s Rapid Prototyping process and said she would send me the names of potential customers when she returned to Australia. There I was having a social visit with a former colleague and I end up networking for my company!

Mike Domanik, Creative Forming’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing was personally invited by David Luttenberger, Director of Packaging Strategies to share Creative Forming’s comprehensive experience and success with rapid prototyping. According to Luttenberger, several companies had requested Packaging Strategies to address speed-to-market issues. Creative Forming’s expertise in the area of increased speed-market through rapid prototyping was a suitable and timely fit for Package Design ’07.
“Rapid prototyping technologies are a key enabler of speed-to-market, and when applied as an integrated component in package design, they become a structural and graphic package designer’s best friend,” said Luttenberger.

Understanding design issues large companies face and having techniques that compress the development time is critical in today’s competitive marketplace. Mike discussed in detail Creative’s prototyping capabilities that include both virtual and rapid prototyping technologies. He presented ways for packaging engineers to help sell their concepts to marketing through the use of the latest imaging technologies that bring concept to life. He showed how the use of photorealistic rendering capabilities enhanced with animation can reduce the prototype iteration process by 30%.

The prototyping technology that Creative Forming demonstrated at Package Design ’07 generated huge interest among design firms and designers in attendance. The prototype examples Mike presented helped attendees recognize and accept prototyping as a tool that can easily be used to build service offerings and create a competitive advantage for brand-owners.

We are always in the research & development stages of one project or another. We understand that as technology improves the industry is subject to change. We understand the dynamic that those who refuse to change with the times are likely to be left behind but you must also recognize that some of the old ways of doing business must still be strictly adhered to. As in times past the customer must come first & foremost. Their satisfaction must be the first priority & much of the rest will fall into place as you go. The fact is that word of mouth is still the most powerful form of advertising & that with the invention of the Internet the is a permanent record being kept on every business which given the need anyone in the world can view at a moments notice. There is no way around it or to cut corners when you are aiming for perfection which is what we strive for everyday.


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