Past & Future

In the past business owners were on their own. They had to use trial and error, or rely on the advice of others who had seen some success in the field. There was no statistical analysis at all. No way one could go over data to formulate the best possible course of action. They had to rely on outdated forms of marketing amp; advertising which encouraged them to flood the market with their name to try to attract as many people to the business as possible. This method does work even though we consider it a bit archaic. The reason for this is that you are literally trying to approach as many people as possible to find the people who are interested in your product or service. This is a highly inefficient way of getting new customers.

Many companies try radio commercials across every station. They produced TV commercials and placed them on as many stations as they can afford. Or they would cold call people in an attempt to locate interested parties. There are just so many ways of trying to create some buz about a product in people who had no interest before. No matter what way you look at it if you are approaching the masses in an attempt to locate or single out potential customers you are going about business all wrong.

In the information age we do things a bit differently. The internet has been a huge sources of reaching wider and wider audiences. You can target very specific demographics. For instance, there are definitely
customers out there for the very popular younger child “everything princess” market place. Most parents who have little girls know they go through a phase where having at least one princess dress is a must. My own daughters love dressing up, not only in the actual princess dress, but also wearing those very necessary accessories such as long gloves, a sparkling tiara or crown, a cape, slippers or shoes, and of course a wand- magical is preferred! Tea parties, birthday parties and sleep overs that are princess inspired result in the need for more princess dresses. I can’t imagine a web site that sells beautiful princess dresses and accessories is not going to do well, if they can be found in the search.

In addition in a totally different marketplace there are potential business clients out there who want /need exclusive services found on a jet charter website that charters that specializes in arranging on-demand private jet charter flights. The advantages associated with chartering a private jet for a busy executive range from departing from the airport of their choice at a time suitable to their schedule and / or needs and landing at the most convenient location closest to their destination, not having to stand in long lines found at many commercial airport, to having a comfortable, even elegant space in which to relax, conduct business with clients, and enjoying amenities not even first class passengers have.

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