Creative VR Games

There is nothing more creative than the new Virtual Reality systems that are out for personal home use now. If you have not checked them out yet you should try to as soon as possible. It is quite amazing to think about the assortment of games that you can play now. They range from shooting games to scenic escapes all the way to puzzle games and everything in between. There are a massive number of different games out now. I different genres and they are great to play without the additional accessories that you can get in addition to the headset and motion controllers. I have not even tried them all yet. The next thing I will be looking into is the Roto VR chair. It looks like a blast because the chair rotates in the direction you look. It also has a additional racing package and a rumble package that looks absolutely insane.

I want to talk about some of the most fascinating VR games out so far. The first and by far the most impressive is Superhot VR. This game is really pushing the limits of the VR universe. It is a very Matrix like game. Time only moves when you move. You have to use every tool at your disposal. There are parts of the game that you are throwing pots at the enemy. You can dodge bullets and it is amazingly fun. It really sucks you in and I highly suggest trying it out. I won’t spoil the storyline but I will tell you this game is a must play for all of you VR fanatics.

The next game I would like to discuss is a very simple construct of a game. There is no story line. There are no real world graphics. No, amazing levels to travers. There is a simple field of play made out of straight lines. The object of the game is to hit a ball back and forth with different computer players that each have their own characteristics. one of them puts a tremendous amount of spin on the ball. Another hits it very fast. One such opponent has a twin that works in conjunction with it. You control your paddle with your eyes and the motion of your head. It is really something to play. I enjoy this game very much.

The last game we will discuss and my favorite so far is like many other VR games in that the goal is to destroy ever increasing waves of enemies. The enemies in this game just so happen to be robot drones. You can slow time down in order to gain an advantage while using an assortment of offensive weapons in one hand and if you like you can either have a shield in the other or another offensive weapon. The game is called Space Pirate Trainer and I highly suggest you try it.