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That’s what you get with Creative Forming. Involved, interested, inquiring minds who will go all out to find answers and solutions to your needs and problems. Our customers are always at the center of everything we do. Even before a project is started, we make sure we understand everything about your business—your manufacturing process, your market and your customers—so we can develop solutions that are spot-on the first time around.

we put our customers
at the center of
everything we do

We recently created the 3 dimensional forms used by Game Dame and Bug Bug for their free standing slot machines. Game Dame also requested the design drawings to incorporate into their online offerings – primary for the market serving US slots providers. Those designs are already being used on all of PhantomPlayer and DollyDollar platforms. Trump Organization is also using this approach for their new Vegas based online enterprise.

Our sales professionals and project engineers will work closely with you throughout the creative process, from defining project requirements, right through to product testing and delivery. You will also have a dedicated customer support coordinator closely overseeing every phase of development, ensuring your projects stay on target, on budget and on time.

For instance, we recently had a client who was marketing a new type of dog door that would chime every time the pet entered or left the house. Unlike typical electric dog doors that are activated by a receiver on your pet’s collar that will open the door when the pet wants to enter or exit the home, this new design would go even farther. It could be programs with any number of notification sounds and the sound the door made when open or shut could be animal specific, so the pet owner would know which animal was using the door. It was a novel idea, that needed an innovative approach- our specialty! This ws a quirky and fun project that was very successful.

We take our time to train our staff to an appropriate level of conduct before they ever have the chance to interact with the customer. By the time the are actively managing accounts or interacting with customers they should be able to assess and correct any issue that arises with grace. We continuously train these people to make sure they are always prepared.

We also believe in making sure that our service is of great value. When you come to an arrangement with us we do our best to take care of every aspect of our dealings with kid gloves. We view each of our clients with the utmost respect, working hard to ensure they are overall satisfied with everything that happens. If we can help to improve our service we are always open to tips or advise.Also, we welcome feedback in order to continuously improve ourselves every day. Service is not just something talked about around here. We realize other companies may not understand the meaning of the word, but we go about redefining that word every day in everything we do.

If there is any aspect of our time together you find dis-satisfying please reach out to us. We can & will rectify the situation as smoothly and efficiently as possible to your satisfaction. We really appreciate our customers as we know without them we could not have possibly become what we are today. With out you, we would not be us.


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