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With Creative Forming, you have the assurance of a world-class packaging partner with all the technical resources and trained professionals attending to the smallest details to oversee and produce, from start to finish, outstanding products that consistently meet, if not exceed, every expectation

systems that consistently
meet the most stringent
specifications and
performance criteria … ours

Our state-of-the-art extrusion and thermoforming quality systems allow us to meet the most stringent specifications and performance criteria … ours. By maintaining good manufacturing practices (GMP), we place ourselves at the highest possible level of quality within our industry. We value higher education which helps to ensure higher quality products. Our outlook is to continue to reach for the stars no matter the time or cost. This shows in our work, craftsmanship, care, and customer service. We will not leave our customers hanging, without any support.

Our internal quality-at-the-source (QAS) certification program is further proof that customers can rely on the quality of our staff, processes, and equipment to meet all their specifications and functional requirements, all of the time.

Quality is key.

Having a good business model or idea is not always enough. Companies must offer their customers the abstract  concept of value. You may have a  great product that is considered at the top of the line. There may not be any other product that is comparable. However, if you can not find a way to offer that product or service with a tangible amount of value, no one will be interested. It is imperative to have customers love your product and want to purchase it.  On the other hand you can make a product that everyone can afford but it is essentially useless, it’s life span will be very limited. There are examples of such products that became a craze and then disappeared just as quickly. One that comes to mind was a “pet rock”. Creating a better product or service that is reasonably priced and useful to the majority of the general population is half the battle. The second half is successfully marketing the service or product.

Henry ford understood the two halves of such a business model. When he created the vehicle that would revolutionize the world by pricing it so many people could afford it rather than the top 5% ,  he changed the automobile industry. His vehicles were not the nicest hand built automobiles, nor were they the most expensive. His  production process  built a sturdy vehicle at a price most everyone could afford. By doing that Ford opened up a market for a whole new product that would soon dominate the automobile landscape. When you build in the value people can see it.

A similar evolution has occurred with car accident lawyersand how they bill for their services. Victims of car accidents who have been seriously injured, but who may not feel they can afford a lawyer to present their lawsuit, now do not have to worry about paying high hourly fees. Instead, if a car accident lawyer feels that the injured party has a case, the lawyer will work on a contingency basis. Only after a case has been settled does the lawyer take between 30%-40% of the settlement monies. This type of arrangement motivates the lawyer to try to reach a good settlement for his/her client. And for many victims, they will not have had to put out any of their own money up front. The perceived value of such an arrangement is such, that there are very few, if any car accident lawyers who charge an hourly rate for such cases.

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