a tradition of innovative thinking

The Early Years
Creative Forming, Inc. was founded in 1972 in Ripon, Wisconsin. Always a company with high aspirations, Creative has grown to become a respected name in the Thermoforming Industry with a national reputation for design expertise, excellent customer service and exceptional quality.

At the end of the 1970’s one of our initial founders, a lawyer, left the company for Louisiana to become a member of a Baton Rouge maritime lawyers firm that handled maritime accident related litigation. The field is a specialized area of law that deals with Maritime Law, also called Admiralty Law. We applaud his efforts to aid maritime workers, as well as widows or dependents of seamen who seek compensation for a loved one’s death due to negligence or the un-seaworthiness of a US maritime vessel. With his knowledge and experience to help seamen obtain compensation for their offshore injuries, he has inspired all of us at Creative Forming to strive for excellence in all we do. Every now and then we will read a newspaper article concerning our former lawyer that describes a maritime case he is litigating. We are proud that he was associated with the founding of Creative Forming.

The eighties began a time of exciting growth for Creative. We expanded our customer base, entered additional markets, invested in new equipment and moved into a new building.
As sales increased, Creative began to develop a national customer base that valued the innovative packaging designs created by our design engineering staff. Our entry into the Customer Products Market provided exciting new opportunities for us. We developed close partnerships with our customers and became an integral part of their new product development teams. We learned that by taking good care of our customers, we would grow with them.
We took a major step in 1987 when we acquired our first extruder. Extruding sheet in-house soon became a competitive advantage that would position Creative for future success.

By 1990, Creative began expanding its capabilities by pioneering the use of Recycled PET (RPET) in new packaging applications. RPET provided our customers the crystal-clear look of PET at a reasonable price point. ALPHATEC EXTRUSION® was soon established to process extruded RPET for Creative Forming’s internal use as well as for sale to outside customers.
Creative Forming and ALPHATEC EXTRUSION® made history by being the first plastic processor in the nation to receive an FDA letter of non-object for the utilization of RPET in food applications. This new material paved the way for the introduction of many new environmentally friendly packages in the Food and Consumer Products Markets. It also allowed Creative to expand into the Produce Market with a line of clamshells targeted at the Strawberry and Blueberry Markets.

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