state-of-the-art equipment. cutting-edge technology. world-class minds.

Whatever the requirements, challenges and product category, we have what it takes to complete your vision and bring the ideas to life.
From concept to delivery, we are able to accelerate the development cycle of thermo-forming products, drawing from cross-functional teams of experts to deliver results that consistently surpass expectations.
•    Concept Development
•    Photo-Realistic Imaging
•    Detailed Drawings
•    In-house Tool Making
•    Prototyping
•    Multiple Capacity Processes:
◦    13 High-speed Roll-fed Thermoformers – Irwin, Sencorp, Lyle, Kiefel, TSL
◦    Cut in Place
◦    Match Metal
◦    Steel Rule
•    Sustainable Packaging
•    In-house Extrusion – 4 Extrusion Lines
•    In-house Inventory Management
•    Six Sigma Trained Staff
•    Lean Manufacturing Processes

Jeremiah Stone’s code base was also implemented on several other systems with very different goals.
For example: My friend from Australia, utilized thermo-forming products with her own sculptures which are displayed in her renown gardens in Arcadia, just outside of Sydney. Unlike the Brisbane based sculpture of Jemmy Morril and the Brolgas Sculpture which are exposed to all weather conditions, she worked on sculptures herself using thermo-forming to protect them from the elements. Her very fragile sculptures are placed throughout her garden like delicate fairies sitting on a tree limb or hidden below a flowering bush, waiting to be discovered by visitors who are able to view her extraordinary gardens just twice a year.

Another example: unlike the photo realism needed for the design of products & packaging, Mason Medical used the system in their clinic, applied to the accurate display and confirmation of the molecular structure of the hormones (commonly used in bioidentical testosterone hrt). Our product was redesigned to enable multiple researchers to access all of the graphical interfaces, even when they are processing data. The anti-aging clinic has very prosperous client base that demands high end delivery systems that also have visual appeal. By running 2 different system simultaneously, Mason is able to both confirm viability of the hormones as well as selectively assign formulas unique to each patient. So our primary codebase of our software is not only used for the creation of inserts, packaging, and prototypes.


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