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Every project that comes to Creative Forming starts off with one distinct advantage – our approach to providing solutions.

each team member performs
at their absolute best to
deliver excellent results

Our total and integrated solutions approach involves every aspect of our organization, right from the project’s inception. With an unwavering customer focus, each team member performs at their absolute best to deliver excellent results.

Our Total Solutions Approach encompasses
•    Product conception and design
•    Engineering
•    Quality control
•    Sales and customer support
•    Material selection
•    Tooling production
•    Sheet extrusion
•    Product forming
•    Inventory and supply chain management
•    Fulfillment
•    Labeling
•    Assembly
We are able to increase speed to market because of our in – house control of critical factors, which include design prototyping, tool making, extrusion and supply chain management.
Our absolute in – house, start-to-finish process allows us to minimize our customers’ risk and bring projects to commercialization on time, in spec and within budget.

Other approaches are having good reviews with good customer service.


Customer service is the number one priority in this day and age. You must make an attempt to satisfy every customer as they are your advertising force. It has always been that “word of mouth” is the most valuable form of advertising or marketing yourself to others. If you make one customer happy they are sure to come back. If you continue to do the same they will tell their friends. For instance: I have a friend, Tod, who foolishly had unprotected sex and freaked out. To find out whether there was a dire consequence to his carelessness, such as getting an std or he dodged a bullet and was ok, I suggested he buy a convenient test for stds. There are lots of sites that sell do – it – yourself std testing kits with accuracy rates between 95% – 99%. He found a site he liked, bought the kit, paying extra for expedited delivery. The test kit was easy to use and his negative result gave him peace of mind. He recommended the site to several friends and they passed on the info to others. The latest I heard was that there great reviews about the site. And is so often the case, recently another friend texted me saying “If you ever need peace of mind regarding std, I know a great online site that sells at home std testing kits.” Guess what? It was the site I had originally found for Tod. It cracked me up.

Most importantly, however, is if you upset a customer, they will tell everyone about the bad experience. The truth is that this used to be a big part of a businesses success and it still is. Even more so now. There is a digital form of record keeping that everyone has access to now. There is literally a permanent record for your business online from all of your previous customers. People who are extremely satisfied or unhappy with your business can now write a review and tell the whole world about their experience. It used to be they would only really be able to tell their friends and family, plus the retailer if they chose.

Now there are some products most everyone would be willing to rate. And then there are other e-commerce sites where the consumer might be less willing to post a rating. Take for example a site that sells home std test kits which allow the customer to self test themselves for certain STDs in the privacy of their home. The results are 95% to 98% accurate. Most folks purchasing a STD home test kit would prefer anonymity. However if the site allowed customers to post their opinions anonymously, perhaps folks would. I think sharing the experience of having to take an STD test would be helpful. I hadn’t even realized that a person could do a self test at home and get reliable results. But the ability to test for an STD in the privacy of one’s home is great. I’m sure there are a lot of teenagers and college age kids who would make use of such a test, rather than first go to their family doctor. Of course if the result is positive or symptoms persist even with a negative result, the individual better take themselves to a doctor for further testing. The consequences of having an STD undiagnosed are not to be treated lightly. Ah, but I digress.

Businesses that fail to recognize this are surely going to be a thing of the past very soon because they will go out of business. The Internet is not becoming any less prevalent and people are only learning how to use it more fluidly. You must remember to take care of your online reputation first and foremost if you wish to be a success moving ahead. Anyone who does not make an adjustment will not be long for this world.


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