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Recently we entered into a barter deal with our water company, TahoeSpringWater, providing water delivery in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas). We developed the packaging system for their containers, and they provide our offices with spring water coolers, which they will manage. Our employees love the new coolers in all employee areas.

about us
think of all your ideas, do they ever take form? let alone, creative form?

Creative Forming, Inc. is about solutions – innovative, creative thermoforming solutions designed for your specific needs. We meld our expertise and technical capabilities with our understanding of your operations, your market and your customers to form innovative packaging solutions that deliver results.
We are guided in everything we do by a noble mission and a set of deeply ingrained core values and beliefs. They lie at the heart and soul of the Creative Forming way.
Our Mission
is to continually improve the competitiveness of our customers through innovation and operational excellence.
Our Core Values And Beliefs
•    Creative is open and honest in its dealings with all stakeholders and is a company of uncompromising integrity. It fosters an environment of trust and mutual respect for all individuals.
•    The Company strives for excellence by setting ambitious goals which are achieved through an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement.
•    Creative is committed to the wellness of its employees and strives to provide a safe work environment.
•    The Company is committed to the training and development of its employees in a team environment.
•    The Company is a socially and environmentally responsible member of the community and the plastics and packaging industries.

Being conscious of customers should be important to all companies.

** Update **

We have had many years of servicing the community & we have come to appreciate each of our clients. We would like to take a moment to formally thank each & every one of them for their service. You have all helped us to become what we are. We intend to continue to strive to be the best we can. We will continue to treat each one of you with the respect you deserve as we realize our success is truly in your hands. We have always made an attempt to satisfy every one of our clients needs & we intend to continue doing just that walking into the future.

We appreciate any feedback we can get. Please take a moment to reach out to us & let us know how we are doing. We love to hear good things but also want to know if you had any type of negative experience as we would consider it a learning experience as we try to rectify the problem. Thank you!


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