Welcome to Creative Forming. Our all-new website is currently in development, so we have decided to leave the previous owners’ content up for anyone who may still have old links and bookmarks pointing here (if you’re one of the previous owners and you object to this, please let us know!). Just to be clear, we’re not pretending that we wrote any of this, and we don’t have any more information on the company or contacts — but if you’re desperate to track them down, a good place to start is (, the company that purchased Creative Forming, inc. back in 2007.

Our new website will cover topics related to brainstorming and creative free-association. I like to use the analogy to the freedom and creativity one see in young children and imaginary play. Such an example is what happens when my daughter dresses up in one of her princess costumes and her fancy takes flight. One slips the princess dress, the glittery tiara, sometimes long gloves and a cape, dress up shoes, and always a “magic” a magic wand. All of a sudden she is transformed naturally by creative imaginary play into something quite extraordinary. The elaborate story lines that flow from her free wheeling mind, not to mention twirling and inspired dancing that ensue is the same type of creative free-association we are searching for in the people we want for our work.

Another example would be the creative minds behind the story lines for online US slots games. Check out the listings on to see what I mean. I happen to love playing online slots as well as other games. I always get a kick out the elaborate and often outrageous story lines and features that allow bonus spins or points that are put out by such gaming platforms as Rival, Topgames, RTG, and WGS. And the names of the slot games often have me rolling on the floor. Those creative folks are really over the top.

Keep us in mind, keep us bookmarked, and we hope to see you soon!


forming the best known brands

Creating Forming has been providing thermoformed packaging solutions since 1972. Our portfolio is unique and diverse with a customer roster that reads like the Fortune 500® Who’s Who. Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, ConAgra Foods, and Unilever are just some of the household names that rely on us for outstanding, and very often out-of-the-box, custom packaging solutions.

outstanding, out-of-the-box custom packaging

Our customers choose us for a number of reasons, namely our Total Solutions Approach, which covers inventory management, quality control, engineering, tool making, materials and scheduling, production and sales and customer support.
We are able to increase speed to market because of our in-house control of critical factors that include design prototyping, tool making, extrusion and supply chain management.
Our absolute in-house, start-to-finish process allows us to minimize our customers’ risk and bring projects to commercialization on time, in spec and within budget.

One great example of the flexibility and the quality of our customized approach can be seen in the gorgeous containers used to ship and present elegant corporate gifts from some of the top gift merchants. The success of our champagne gift baskets packaging division is especially indicative of the perception of quality we achieve in the marketplace. Gifts given to employees require high standards and artful presentation – these are corporate expressions of appreciation and are used to reward excellence and encourage hard work. Our packages are customized to each product and for some gift products, the packaging is even designed to be opened in stages.


Perfection is a lofty goal but we strive for it even though we do realize this is near impossible. We know that if we do not strive for it there is no way we will reach it.